Many Ways of Being | Illuminations Now!!

Many Ways of Being | Illuminations Now!!

Many Ways of Being | Illuminations Now!!

Posted: 22 Jan 2014 09:18 PM PST


On the morning of January 2, 2014, the day after the Western New Year, I awoke with the words "Many ways of Being" repeating inside my head.   I knew then that I was expected to write something about this idea or concept, but had no idea what.  So as spirit often does, I was provided a number of life experiences, to give me personal food for thought.   So it is that after 20 days, I am finally ready to write.

Often when we come to a place in our life where we contemplate our life's purpose, we tend to think in terms of a single purpose.   This idea of a single purpose for many though then becomes a "stumbling block" as they seek that single goal.

When we come into this earthly experience, we often see ourselves as exisiting and experiencing life in one form, when in reality, from the moment of our physical birth and even before that, we are experiencing life in many ways at the same moment    Throughout our life we experience it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as a minimum.  However for many we go even beyond that, experiencing life multi-dimensionally.   Or in other words, we experience different facets or expressions of life and being in the same moment across multiple possible experiences.

Now our conscious mind is generally  not aware of these multiple simultaneous experiences since it has difficulty enough managing simple time-space experience as it is. Yet we are operating at many levels, frequencies and perceptions all at once.   In other words we are living many ways of being in the now.

Conscious mind, subconscious, soul consciousness, super consciousness and divine awareness all function in the now, together.    To the conscious mind, this is difficult to "wrap our head around" and therein lies the problem.  We don't need to "wrap our head around it", we just have to let go and let our own interactive levels of perception and living share knowledge and trust that there is a part of ourselves at any moment that can assist our current conscious mind self with any issue or concern.

We are not a single being experiencing life alone, and mired down by the circumstances of the world, rather we are an incredible and powerful spiritual being, infinite in nature, and just accepting that allows us to draw upon a multitude of life experiences and knowledge to aid us.

I sit here typing as David, but I can also reach beyond conscious mind and draw upon a life as a Japanese Ronin turned monk, or as a court reporter in an ancient french court, or as native american seeking the wisdom of the heavens upon a hill or as beggar on a street or a slave in a field holding the  love and joy of my life in my arms, finding freedom where there is none in the minds of men.   Or as a child playing along a river, seeing dragons, angels and butterflies in the clouds.

In our lives, there are many ways of being, and many purposes for which we are here.   Some of our lives purposes are simple and experienced easily, others take more time, but the reality is that while we may have 1 or 2 or 3 primary life purposes, we may have many hundreds or thousands of little goals which we can take great joy in completing along the way.

Often people wonder why when they seek, they do not find, and when they ask they do not receive.  The answer is simple, they seek and ask outside of themselves, when the answers lie within.  It is true that there are divine forces that will assist us and guide us throughout our life's, but the journey does not lie with them but within our own divine selves.    They are but our loving companions, family and friends along the way.   Happy always to help, inspire, coax and guide, but in the end it is we who must find the way, and the answers within.    And we do this through our many ways of being.

I hope these words while touched with a bit of mystery will aid you along the way.   And so I leave you with a little song, by John Denver, in this version he gives some introduction into how the song came about and then sings a most wonderful rendition.   Allow the words and music to wash over you and embrace your many ways of being.

Blessings, love, light, joy and peace – Brother Dave

Wings That Fly Us Home.

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