Beyond the Superconscious Mind – Part 1: Where are we going ...

Beyond the <b>Superconscious Mind</b> – Part 1: Where are we going <b>...</b>

Beyond the <b>Superconscious Mind</b> – Part 1: Where are we going <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 Feb 2014 07:33 AM PST

One of the recommended readings for my yoga course is this book: Beyond the Superconscious Mind, by Avadhútiká Ánandamitrá Ácaryá.

The author introduces the concept of potentiality of our mind and the method of achieving self-actualisation, a state of bliss.BeyondTheSuperconsciousMind

Below is part 1 of my book summary and some of my thoughts.

As the world develops, human increasingly desires to overcome the limitations of physical existence to gain full mental potential.  This is probably the stage where human aim for "self-actualisation" under Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the exploration starts to go inwards.

To embark in a journey into our inner space, we need to address 2 questions:

  1. Where we are going?
  2. How to get there?

We first need to familiarize ourselves with the passage through which we would explore to eventually find the destination.

Our expedition begins with our physical body, which is the vehicle for our travel through the inner space.

Our body runs on a system of glands known as the endocrine glands, which secrete hormones into the bloodstream. Hormones affect body functions such as growth, metabolism, digestion, energy level, heat, sexuality and also the mind. Irregular secretion of various glands can cause mental disturbances and negative emotions like anxiety, hatred, anger or fear, which destroy health and peace of mind.

Ancient philosophers identified the gland located at the centre of the brain, the pineal gland as "the controller of thought". The yogis described this gland as the "third eye", it is suggested that when properly developed or "opened" by yogic practices, one can "look into" past, present and future in a blissful state of higher consciousness.


The Endocrine Glands

Yogis have, for centuries, recognised the need for balanced hormonal secretion to control and transcendence of the mind, so they developed a series of physical exercise (Hatha Yoga) to specifically target at stabilising the endocrine glands.

The physical body could be known as the outer most layer of the mind is called "Annamaya Kosá" [Sankrit], which means "shield made of food". This material vehicle is a machine of the mind, to operate in the physical world. Thus the fundamental awareness of spiritual development is the realisation: "I am not this body".

According to Yogic Philosophy, a person's mind is divided into five (5) layers or kosás [Sanskrit, also Kosha]. As one moves up each layer, there is more joyful and expanded awareness; the higher the layers, the greater the source of energy and knowledge. Beyond all 5 layers is the realm of infinite consciousness, the pure self within. In this state, one experiences perfect peace and eternal bliss.  This is the goal of Yoga and the goal of life: to elevate the mind through higher layers until one realises the infinite blissful self within.

We'll look at explanation of the 5 layers in Part 2 of this series of posts.

Shantideva said: "All joy in this world comes from wanting others to be happy, and all suffering in this world comes from wanting only oneself to be happy."

Beyond the <b>Superconscious Mind</b> – Part 2: How to get there

Posted: 15 Feb 2014 07:28 PM PST

Beyond the <b>Superconscious Mind</b> – Part 2: How to get there <b>...</b>

Posted: 08 Feb 2014 08:22 PM PST

"Good Sex" and the <b>Super</b>-<b>Conscious Mind</b> | Psychology Today

Posted: 22 Sep 2012 05:30 PM PDT

Perhaps we have been timid in asserting that there is a relationship between romantic or sexual love and higher consciousness.

Biochemically Connected to God, Part 4

In Dark Light Consciousness, Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum, Director of Behavioral Medicine at University of Massachusetts Amherst reports that in his research he found that neuromelanin, a dark biochemical substance in the nervous system "is able to transduce, or shift energy, from one state to another, from vibration to sound, to heat, to light."

For sake of explanation, Bynum says there is in humans, and in all things, a physical body and an ethereal body.  They do not exist separately but rather the ethereal body is the energy matrix, the "luminous matrix," Bynum calls it, out of which physical bodies are generated.

The ethereal body is the template for the underlying energy that "creates" each thing in the physical world. In humans the densest frequency of the matrix exists as the Kundalini energy of the root chakra, associated in the physical body with the sexual organs.

During sexual activity this Kundalini energy is activated just as in Bynum formulation, we can also activate it through mediation. Neuromelanin acts as an energy prism through which Kundalini energy (DNA and genetic materials) passes and is transduced, shifted,   or changed to different frequencies.

It then spread through the nervous, endocrine and other systems to all parts of the ethereal body of the individual and to the energy matrix that is the Unified Field of forces, the super-conscious mind, God, the infinite, invisible, indivisible, eternal realm out of which all things in the time/space world are constantly being generated. This happens in each of the lovers.

So scientifically, two people making love are indeed forming a biochemical bond in God. What we have been arguing all along in our series "Biochemically Connected to God" is that our ancient wisdom traditions told us things that our most advanced scientists are just beginning to scientifically confirm.

The most relevant teachings in our wisdom traditions in this regard come from the Gupta period in India when "tantras" from many Southern Asian religions were brought together in one empire. A tantra is a body of beliefs and practices based on the idea that the universe we experience (the clockwork universe controlled by Newtonian laws) is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of divine energy, of God, if you will.

In what is called tantric sexuality there is a focus on worshiping the energy of the divine feminine in us and the universe. In Christian traditions the most relevant teachings come from stories in the much denounced Gospel of Mary in Gnostic Scriptures.

There is much in Gnostic Scriptures about sexual union as a path to the realm of divine energy. For example,  the Gospel of Thomas says: "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, ….. then you will enter (heaven)."

I do not want to go "out" as far as, say, Michael Winn does in his paper The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm. Winn's is an interesting trip but I would rather look down that road than go down it. I do not want to be one of those gurus out there setting up workshops to teach people how to have divine sexual intercourse.

In the Spiritual Intelligence Research Project that I carried on at Rutgers University for over a decade, we always preferred to wait until science catches up and gives us clearer ideas about the nature of spiritual existence. Until then our wisdom traditions tell us all we need to know. They tell us that there is something down there –down the road where we'll eventually discover enough for a workshop on getting sexual energy to interact with the luminous matrix in which we all have our existence.

George Davis is author of the new spiritual spy novel, The Melting Points. Just published is the 40th Anniversary Edition of Coming Home, Davis' novel upon which the Academy Award winning, Jane Fonda, Vietnam War film of the same name was based.


The 2012 Election and the <b>Super</b>-<b>Conscious Mind</b> | Psychology Today

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 12:00 AM PST

Hard factual data is not the only thing that should be valued as useful knowledge  

 On Nov 5, I wrote in this blog that:

I know that President Obama will win the 2012 electoral college tomorrow by almost as wide a margin as in the election of 2008.

My editors unpublished the post because it may have seemed too much of a pro-Obama "personal/ideological rant." To my mind it was a rant in favor of magical thinking. It used objective data but the entire point of the article was that using objective data in combination with magical thinking gives you a better grasp of the whole truth, or holistic truth.

Using this combination I came to the conclusion more than two months before the election that President Obama would win big! I had used the same kind of thinking in February of 2007 to know that Obama would win the 2008 election in the first place 

In a post on Feb 11, 2012 entitled Barack Obama and "The Magic of Reality" I wrote:

". . . there were a lot of us who felt that Barack Obama's election to the American Presidency in 2008 was going to be a magical happening. Summing up that pre-election prediction of magic I wrote: ". . .many of the folk I knew arrived at their conclusion in a very non-analytical way.

"Ralph Collins (a friend) said: 'Obama has a divine wind at his back.'' Another friend, Ronald Avila Taylor, said . . . 'a miracle is going to happen.'  Oprah who seems to discern spiritual things said he was 'the one.' Obama himself said very early in his campaign. 'There's something stirring in the air. You can feel it!'

To give credibility to something stirring in the air is to give some credence to magical thinking. To some extent all of us give such credence. Now we have the science to give us valid reasons to respect our hunches, gut feelings, intuitions, premonitions, intentions and faith.  In the last few posts I have been discussing this science as it is laid out by Edward Bruce Bynum Ph.D in Dark Light Consciousness.

During the 20th century, science advanced to the point that intelligent thinkers could move beyond limiting the spheres of knowledge to the clockwork universe.  We can still be intelligent, non-superstitious people and give credibility to the workings of an entire intangible universe not governed by Newtonian laws of causality.

This intangible universe is called the Unified Field of forces by quantum physicists. The Kingdom of God, we say in Christian traditions. The super-conscious mind integral psychologists call it, the divine source of all energy say many Eastern religions, and a world of infinite possibilities say spiritual self-help gurus.

The clock-work universe is enfolded in, entangled with, and is constantly being affected by this infinite, intangible field of forces. We don't know much about how; but physicists like David Bohm are giving us indications that we are on the road to learning more.

Post-Newtonian thinking suggests that a complex phenomenon, like an election, can be more deeply understood if we take into account both the data from the tangible clock-work universe (Nate Silver's 538 blog is the source I like best) and the knowledge we get from the intangible field of forces in which the clock-work universe is enfolded (my best source for this knowledge is the Spiritual Intelligence Action Research Project).

In short, hard data is not the only form of knowledge. Poets and song writers know things; and so also do athletes, for example. Take a great basketball player like Michael Jordan. Once everything in the clockwork universe has been taken into account –body conditioning, practice, athletic talent, opponent's abilities and placement on the court –once all of this has been taken into account magical thinking gives additional forms of knowledge.

The great basketball player "knows" that his or her shot will go in the basket. The more the athlete knows it the greater is the probability that the ball will actually go in. If someone does not want to call this knowledge because the ball might not go in, then they have reduced the likelihood that it will.

The poet T.S. Eliot knew that "We (humans) shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." In short, he knew that the human race came from oneness and will return to oneness.

For a data-driven society to ignore other forms of knowledge is for it to limit the ability to see and realize truth.  Despite Senator John McCain's lead in the poll in early September 2008, Obama seemed to know he was going to win. Those of us who had a spiritually intelligent view of the power of magical thinking also knew. Obama won: 349 electoral votes to 173.

Data from the clock-work universe said that the 2012 election would be a dead heat Obama 47% and Romney 47% said pre-election polls. Five days before the election, Obama adviser David Axelrod said "I've known him (Obama) for 20 years. We've worked closely for 10 years. I've never seen him more exhilarated than he is right now."

I think it was spiritually intelligent or magical thinking that prompted Obama to remark "I'm sort of a prop in this campaign." That's the way it is when your premonitions have given you clear discernment that powers outside the clockwork universe are working in your favor. I think that Obama knows what Michael Jordan or T. S. Eliot would know. This is knowledge that data cannot give you; but it is knowledge that gives you a better grasp of the truth. Many of us are learning to trust and use it effectively.

George Davis is author of the new spiritual spy novel, The Melting Points, about three women pursued by danger as the clockwork universe melts around them. Just published is the 40th Anniversary Edition of Coming Home, Davis' novel upon which the Academy Award winning, Jane Fonda, Vietnam War film of the same name was based.

The <b>Super Conscious Mind</b> | Powerful Mind Secrets

Posted: 09 Oct 2013 10:54 AM PDT

What is the most powerful single thing in the universe? You might say something like nuclear or something created in a lab somewhere. You would be wrong! The most powerful thing in the universe is kept right between your ears. That's right it is your brain.

The brain not only controls your bodily functions making sure that you breathe and that your heart does not stop pumping, but your brain allows you to create the reality that you want. This sounds crazy at first. It is however very true.

All you have to ask yourself if you are in a place that you want to be. The brain does the rest. How you use your brain is one hundred percent up to you. The reality you create is one hundred percent up to you.

The best part is that it works whether you believe it or not. So if you create a reality full of drama and problems that is what you will get. On the other hand f you create a problem free world you get that. It may sound too easy to be true but it is.

Think about a time in your life when things are going great. Maybe you are on vacation. The worries of your life are put on the back burner; you are just focused on relaxing. You have a great time. You may not do anything spectacular but you have fun.

The reason that happened was because you were focused on relaxing. Now take a time when everything is in chaos, and everything seems to be against you. That same brain that created all that relaxation is now creating all of this chaos. The reason is that the chaos is what you are focused on.

This may be a simple example but this is a simple concept. Whatever you are focused on is what you get. Imagine if you spent most of your life focused on a calm world. That is what you would get. Doesn't that sound awesome?

The idea behind the super conscious mind is your focus. You have to clean all of the negative from your life. You must get rid of all of the things that you allow to stop your progress. These will mainly consist of fears. You must get rid of your fears.

Once you get rid of your fears there is a great big world out there that is waiting for you. Then you are ready to get out there and explore. There is no better feeling than when you get rid of your fears and finally take control of your life. This is the way you are supposed to live. So plug into your super conscious mind today and see what you have been missing.



April Wellness: Jul 22, The <b>Super Conscious Mind</b> - Fellowship Of <b>...</b>

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 07:25 PM PST

April Wellness: Jul 22, The <b>Super Conscious Mind</b>

Posted: 29 Jan 2014 02:20 AM PST

Our <b>Superconscious</b> – A mystical level of <b>mind</b> – A Yoga Life with Muni

Posted: 22 Jan 2014 07:28 PM PST

Once we have become subconsciously adjusted to a sense of an "I" rooted in being, rather than an "I" driven by the impulses of the five senses or lured on by the ramification of thought and the novelty of the conscious state of mind, we have successfully positioned awareness on the threshold of superconsciousness.

superconscious tigerBefore we seriously focus deeply within, we experience superconsciousness in a general way—usually as something like a no-problem zone of inner space in which everything just seems to be okay. Because this nonspecific enjoyment of alrightness feels quite "natural" to us, we are left to assume that we are at least temporarily functioning in an "unnatural" state of mind when life does not seem to be "okay."

If we accept "natural" to mean inherent and "unnatural" to mean acquired, we will be inclined to perceive our superconscious state of mind to be inherent, and therefore the same for all of us, while we understand our subconscious and conscious states of mind to be acquired, and therefore different for each of us (since each of us acquires differently according to our individual experience).

Obviously, just living in a physical body demands an externalization of awareness out of "inherent" superconsciousness into "acquired" conscious and subconscious states of mind.

When we roll out of bed in the morning to brush our teeth and shower, each one of us must necessarily leave our inherent superconsciousness to live by thousands of little personally acquired memories. Although certainly we might manage to do all of this with a subconscious sense of superconsciousness, which would be wonderful, our waking life is still primarily an acquired existence formed consciously and subconsciously.

From this we can see, while we are awake in the physical realm doing physical things, the superconscious is at best only available to us as a secondary influence filtering through our subconscious to feed the background of our daily life with bliss, confidence, calm, compassion, inspiration and the like.

Tapping into superconsciousness in this way is wonderful to be sure. But to thoroughly experience this richest part of us, we must fully withdraw from our conscious and subconscious states of mind, enter the spiritual realm, and be there completely. Under normal physical circumstances, this cannot be accomplished easily. During periods of time set aside for the practice of a yoga that includes deep meditation, however, it can be.

During such withdrawal, we strive to become immersed in those magnificent qualities of beingbliss, love, stillness, balance, peace, power, rapture, joy and awareness. Just holding the "I" centered in any of these qualities invites Samadhi, intensifies an internal correction of wrong perception and unresolved memory, and programs our subconscious to flood our external life with an unfettered superconscious support that can and will sustain us even during our most trying times.

If we can then come out of this withdrawal to remain two-thirds within during the waking hours of our life, our subconscious will assist rather than block a more continual superconscious influence upon our physical life. This two-thirds-within positioning of awareness is easily attainable. In fact, it is so attainable we can be there and not know it.

Take, for instance, an elderly lady, washing dishes, humming a song and looking out her kitchen window at two robins nibbling sesame seeds off a bird feeder. As that lady rests in the bliss of now, enjoying the warmth of soapy dish water, the touch of slippery plates, the tap-tap pecking of the birds, and the sweet delight of humming her song—all at once—is she not a perfect example of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious states of mind working together harmoniously as one?

Moving like this in life is not difficult and does not demand that we have a completely resolved subconscious. Even with a huge backlog of karmic "issues," we can work with ourselves to live and move easily, receiving superconsciousness like a welcome guest when it comes, awaiting it patiently when it doesn't.

Dealing with life in this manner, ever so lightly leaning upon and occasionally withdrawing completely into our internal nature, we invite our superconscious to more and more consistently come forward through our subconscious into our conscious states of mind until, finally, we are feeling at least a little bit of superconsciousness all the time.

When we have lost our sense of superconsciousness, we can get it back by simply becoming aware of that loss. Just that. With this simple adjustment of awareness—just recognizing and acknowledging we have temporarily lost our sense of inner bliss during a frenzy of mental or emotional distraction—we gift ourselves the only moment the now needs to help us gain back our option to feel and follow the rhythm and rhyme of our own intuitive mind back in and through inner realms to our superconscious home base.

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Posted: 17 Apr 2013 01:18 AM PDT

WHY TO STUDY DREAMS ? "They give us a far better insight into the deeper nature of our patient than many of the so-called symptoms that crop up and float on the surface to meet our superficial gaze." – Dr N M Choudhuri.

The spectrum of dream is limitless. It encompasses all the conscious, subconscious, unconscious and super conscious experiences and their timeless assimilation in the eternal flow of life..

Dream analysis is one way to understand the mind. On the basis of studies done, dreams are directly related to nature , character, and personality of a dreamer. Here discussion is made regarding manifestations of conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind in dreams, followed by correlation between homoeopathic drug personality and dreams.



  • Among dreams, nightmare and reoccurring dreams are our main concern.
  • Nightmares are long frightening dreams from which people awakened frightened.
  • Recurring dreams are caused due to traumatic events in the past, inability to cope up with the stress leading to maladjustment to the situation.



ü Consciousness is wakefulness which include perception , thoughts, logic and reasoning.

ü Swami Vivekananda " The whole life is succession of dreams. My ambition is to be a conscious dreamer. That is all."

ü This explains importance of constructive 'conscious dreaming'. Artists, scientists & mathematicians develop new ideas by day dreaming about their subjective areas.

üQualities required for constructive day dreaming: high intelligence, sensitivity, refinement and artistic approach.


Homoeopathic medicines-

—  Phosphorus-high intelligence, sensitivity, refinement and artistic approach. The diffusion of awareness is so strong that he gets startled easily.

—  Staphysagria – Solitary artistic activities like painting, music, poetry in it is due to high degree of sensitivity (also true for highly emotional, introvert Ignatia and Natrum mur). As in staphysagria, the conscious mind is so strongly trapped in its own imaginations that, he thinks about her lover all the day long, imagine future possibilities and feels them as real.


—  The conscious mind cannot always absorb disconnected information as it would be an information overload. So the subconscious mind stores this information where it can be retrieved by the conscious mind when it needs to defend itself for survival, just like solving puzzles, skill etc.

—  Sigmund freud- the pre or subconscious mind includes repressed childhood memories, socially unacceptable ideas, desires, traumatic memories, painful emotions.

—  All these repressions are expressed in dreams.

—  Indian texts Upanishads say that, dreams are merely expressions of inner desires.



  • Adult ignatia is very sensitive and romantic: gets dreams of disappointment, sad dreams and dreams of drowning due to ordinary grief such as separation of an affair, marriage or emotional disturbances.
  • Overworking ignatia imposes logical conclusions on her, leading to overstraining and frustration in her job which leads to dream of exertion.



  • When the grief is extraordinary , has become chronic and settled, Nat mur comes to the recue.
  • Parents fighting in front of a child who is very sensitive to disharmony will not react immediately, but will suffer inside leading to repression of feelings. This nat mur child gets anxious and frightful dreams.
  • He never forgets traumatic experiences like parental divorce, effects of emotional dependence of single parent, death of a close one or sexual abuse, cultivates painful memories.
  • Natrum mur gets dreams of robbers, being assaulted or being raped due to episodes of childhood abuse.


  • A good example of Freudian concept of 'socially unacceptable ideas' and for repressed desires.
  • Amorus and frightful in dreams in conium are due to sudden deprivation of sexual relationship in widows and widowers.


—Unconscious mind regulates the brain and intra body functions. It continues to perform these duties in a natural way even when the conscious mind is asleep.

—Attitude, inclinations, and overall nature of one's personality are directed by the unconscious mind.

—Dreams of Clairvoyance .

—Dreams- clairvoyant-acon. , acid phos. , phos. , sulph.


—Gives us knowledge about our true higher self.

—It is the source of supreme peace.

—The Super Conscious Mind contains
within itself the possibility as well as the probability of creating anything and
everything that can be conceived with mind…The possibilities are "Infinite."
Within itself it contains EVERY probability, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. It encompasses ALL things from the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond. It comprises all things physical and those that are non physical.

—PANDA B. B., Significance of Dreams in Homoeopathic Prescribing

—According to Dr. Miller, "effects of sleep and dreams can be taken as general symptoms" Dr. Miller says, "again how often has the study of the dreams revealed the hidden key to the remedy. For in sleep, man is off his guard and his subconscious self can assert itself, and under. Such circumstances the veil is often lifted a little, so that we are able to apprehend in some degree the deep and hidden mysteries of that disordered life, we call disease. Of course, such dreams must be regular and persistent to make them of value and great care must be taken to eliminate the effect of all external influence.


—MASTER F. J., Homoeopathic Dictionary of Dreams

Dreams are one of nature's miracles, not the result of a wandering mind in sleep. A dream is an interface between the process of life and our conscious personality.
in an overview of the study and research concerning dreams, there is an evidence that a dream can be
a. an expression of what is happening in the physical body;
b. a way of balancing the physiological and psychological activities in us;
c. an enormously original source of insight and information in us, e.g. scanning information and forming new ideas.


—SIVARAMAN P., Dreams and their Homoeopathic Medicine

It is not for nothing that dreams differ. Some dream of accidents, other of amorous subjects, others again off topics of varied nature – each dream in its turn specifying a particular temperament, or more correctly a special deviation of the individual from the normal. Important cure have been recorded, based on dreams alone. Hence a special study of the dreams, together with their remedies, will not be out of place."



—National journal of homoeopathy

—PANDA B. B., Significance of Dreams in Homoeopathic Prescribing

—MASTER F. J., Homoeopathic Dictionary of Dreams

—SIVARAMAN P., Dreams and their Homoeopathic Medicines

—Other internet refrences.


Dr Vanshika Kohli

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Dr. Vanshika Kohli is a homeopathic doctor, practicing homeopathy in Paonta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh, India.Hospital working experience: In Multi-specialty Homoeopathic Clinic, from last 1 year as a homoeopathic doctor with a team of experienced homoeopathic physicians dealing with various diseases. (special projects on psoriasis , MIGRAINE , sinusitis , etc)

The Medias use of NLP and <b>mind</b> control - Project Avalon

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 05:51 AM PST

I will never watch the news with the same eyes- Adampants removes the veil .

Jonathan Adampants gives a full in-depth analysis of the mind manipulation and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques utilised by Fox News anchors Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes during an interview with Kevin Barrett about 9/11.

How to Activate Your <b>Super Conscious Mind</b>! (Great Stuff!) | Improve <b>...</b>

Posted: 04 Feb 2014 08:14 PM PST

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. He has… Rating: Views:381 views; Tags: Activate, Conscious, Great, ...*

The Olympic Games and Our Collective <b>Consciousness</b>, by Patricia <b>...</b>

Posted: 17 Feb 2014 10:26 AM PST

We are in the midst of the XXII Winter Olympic Games. These are the first Olympics since the birth of the New Earth which was God Victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause on December 21-22, 2012. The Olympic Games have always provided Lightworkers with a powerful opportunity to add to the Light of the World.

That is due to the fact that during this global event between five and six billion people, at one time or another, turn their attention to the games. Humanity's unified focus of attention creates a Collective Cup of Consciousness through which the Company of Heaven and every person's I AM Presence can empower the Divine Intent of the Olympics and expand the Light of God on Earth.

The Divine Intent of the Olympic Games is for the Family of Humanity to set aside our differences and to come together in Peace as we attain our highest level of excellence. The Olympics focus on sports and the various abilities of Humanity's physical bodies, but with the patterns of perfection for the New Earth now flowing into the mental and emotional strata of this planet that intention has expanded tremendously.

During these Olympic Games, we are being given the opportunity to greatly accelerate the Divine Alchemy that is transforming the carbon-based cells in our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies into the Crystalline-based Cells of our 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies.

The Beings of Light have told us that 2014 will be a year like no other. They revealed that through the unified efforts of the Company of Heaven and the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth, Humanity will begin to see tangible evidence of the transformation that is taking place daily and hourly within our Earthly Bodies.

The 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies we will all abide in when our Ascension process onto the New Earth is complete will transcend the maladies and the gross mutations we inadvertently created after our fall from Grace aeons ago. Those human miscreations include aging, disease, degeneration, deformities, and every mental and emotional dysfunction Humanity is experiencing. Even death as we know it now is a human miscreation.

The life-transforming events that are destined to accelerate the Divine Alchemy in our bodies during 2014 will not occur by happenstance. This accelerated process will unfold step by step through the unified efforts of you and me and the rest of Humanity working AS our I AM Presence. The Company of Heaven said that we will catapult this process forward by leaps and bounds if we will utilize the Collective Cup of Consciousness being created by the focused attention of Humanity during the XXII Winter Olympic Games.

These are the largest Olympic Games we have ever experienced. And in perfect Divine Order…TWENTY -TWO is the master number that reflects "Power on all planes and the ability to change the course of history."

The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have given us a very powerful Activity of Light that is specifically designed to accelerate the Divine Alchemy that is transforming our carbon-based bodies into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies. They are encouraging us to participate in this Activity of Light during the Olympic Games and throughout the rest of this year of transfiguration.

As we progress through 2014, the Company of Heaven is going to guide us through several other amazing opportunities that will help us to exponentially accelerate our individual and collective Ascension process.

The following is a Gift of the Activity of Light that has been given to us by the Company of Heaven. Please participate according to your Heart's Call. KNOW that Cosmic Moments come and Cosmic Moments go. This is a Cosmic Moment, please do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Divine Alchemy
We Are Becoming 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Beings
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

This Activity of Light is lifting me into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based frequencies of the New Earth. I accept the profound Truth that as I AM lifted up ALL Life is being lifted up with me.

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. I AM One with my Father-Mother God and I AM One with the entire Company of Heaven.

Through my sincere Heart Call ALL of these magnificent Forces of Light have joyously come to help Humanity's I AM Presence raise and sustain every man, woman, and child on Earth in Christ Consciousness and the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of our Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. In this level of Divine Consciousness and Crystalline Light, Transfiguring Divine Love, the Oneness of ALL Life, and Reverence for every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation are the ONLY Reality.

Beloved Legions of Light, I ask that you gather up every electron of precious Life energy being expended by Humanity this Sacred and Holy Day. Purify this energy with the power and might of a thousand Suns using the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame. Weave this purified energy into the Collective Cup of Humanity's Consciousness, so that this precious Life energy will be used by every person's I AM Presence in the Divine Alchemy of transforming our carbon-based cells into the infinite perfection of our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies.

And I begin…

I first perceive my Crystalline Etheric Solar Light Body. This vehicle is associated with the Air Element. My etheric body is the vehicle that is encoded with my full Divine Potential and my Divine Plan. These codes reverberate with the patterns of perfection that were reflected in my physical body prior to Humanity's fall from Grace.

Under the Law of Karma, which was created after the fall, Humanity had little chance of experiencing vibrant health, eternal youth, or radiant beauty in our physical bodies. Now, however, my I AM Presence and my 5th-Dimensional Body Elemental take command. The Law of Karma is superseded by the Immaculate Concept of my Divine Plan and the perfection of my Crystalline Etheric Solar Light Body.

Within my etheric body my I AM Presence now declares to all obsolete Karmic patterns, "Stand aside for the I AM Presence and the perfection of my Crystalline Etheric Solar Light Body." The Karmic patterns are instantaneously transmuted into Light by the new Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame.

From this moment forth, all energy passing from my I AM Presence into my etheric body and then into my physical body will pass through the perfection of my Crystalline Etheric Solar Light Body.

My Mother God, the Holy Spirit, now Baptizes my Crystalline Etheric Solar Light Body with Sacred Fire. This blessing seals the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Air Element within this vehicle and a scintillating forcefield of infinite perfection is formed.

My Crystalline Emotional Solar Light Body now comes into view. This vehicle is associated with the Water Element. It is the body through which the Love Nature of my Father-Mother God is expressed in the world of form. This is my most powerful vehicle. Eighty percent of my Lifeforce is released through my emotional body.

My I AM Presence and my 5th-Dimensional Body Elemental step forth to take command of this vehicle. As they do, the full Divine Momentum of my Father-Mother God's Love begins to flow through my Heart Flame. The Love of God expands through my Crystalline Emotional Solar Light Body and forms a Cosmic Forcefield of Divine Love that encompasses the entire Planet Earth.

This forcefield of my Father-Mother God's Love expands the Love flowing through every person's Heart Flame, and opens each person's 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Heart Chakra to new breadths. Love reigns supreme through all Creation, and this Activity of Light ensures that our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies are becoming a tangible reality.

Within this all-encompassing Forcefield of Divine Love, the last vestige of my human ego surrenders to my I AM Presence. Within the embrace of my I AM Presence my ego lets go of its resistance to my Divine Plan, and its desire to block my Divine Potential as a Beloved Son or Daughter of God.

My ego dissolves into the loving embrace of my I AM Presence where it is transformed by the Love of my Father-Mother God. My ego is scientifically, psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually transformed. My I AM Presence now inbreathes and absorbs my human ego into the fullness of my true God Reality and all aspects of my own Divinity.

My Mother God now Baptizes my most powerful Crystalline Emotional Solar Light Body with Sacred Fire. This blessing seals the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Water Element within this vehicle and a scintillating forcefield of infinite perfection is formed. Through this blessing my feeling nature becomes One with the Feeling Nature of God. My emotional world is now filled with God's Infinite Love and all of the various aspects of God's wondrous Love. Through my Crystalline Emotional Solar Light Body I AM able to perpetually express the Harmony of my true Being.

Now my Crystalline Physical Solar Light Body comes to the fore. My physical body is associated with the Earth Element. The limitless physical perfection of my I AM Presence is reflected in my Crystalline Physical Solar Light Body. My I AM Presence and my 5th-Dimensional Body Elemental take command of this vehicle. Every cell, gland, organ, muscle, and function of my physical body have long awaited this Cosmic Moment.

My Crystalline Physical Solar Light Body is composed of Crystalline Cells that are absorbing Light from the Infinite Universe and assimilating that Light into the atoms and molecules that form each cell of my body. Every Crystalline Cell in my physical body is also absorbing the Cosmic River of Crystalline Light that is cascading through my I AM Presence from the very Heart of my Father-Mother God.

I AM my I AM Presence inbreathing, absorbing, expanding, and projecting the fullness of this Crystalline Light into my flesh vehicle. Not only is every cell of my body becoming a Crystalline Cell, each one is now swirling with multicolored dazzling Solar Light. This amazing influx of Light is generating unexplored levels of limitless physical perfection, vibrant health, radiant beauty, abundance, joy, and bliss. My Crystalline Physical Solar Light Body responds to this Divine Input which is coming from every Realm of Light.

My Crystalline Physical Solar Light Body will never again accept Karma dictating the reality of its physical functioning or its appearance. After the fall the flesh vehicle ended up being the repository for Karmic lessons that were never learned. I know now that distorted perception has been transmuted into Light. I accept this profound Truth, and I agree to abide in my Crystalline Physical Solar Light Body while deeply enjoying the Divine Alchemy of infinite perfection that is continually expanding within all of my Crystalline Solar Light Bodies.

My Mother God now Baptizes my Crystalline Physical Solar Light Body with Sacred Fire. This blessing seals the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Earth Element within this vehicle and a scintillating forcefield of infinite perfection is formed. Through this blessing the infinite physical perfection of my I AM Presence is sealed in the atomic and subatomic cellular structures of my physical body and all of the spaces in-between these cellular structures.

My Crystalline Mental Solar Light Body now reveals itself to me. This vehicle is associated with the Fire Element. My Crystalline Mental Solar Light Body is One with the Divine Mind of God. My I AM Presence and my 5th-Dimensional Body Elemental take command of this vehicle, causing it to blaze like a great Sun of Light forming a halo around my head. As the halo of Light expands through my mental body, it encompasses all of my Crystalline Solar Light Bodies and I become a radiant Sun of Infinite Light.

The Sacred Fire Breath of my Father-Mother God now activates my Divine Mind, and I clearly receive Divine Thoughts, Ideas, Concepts, Imagination, and all aspects of Divine Mind beyond Imagination. All of these reflections of Divine Intelligence and Divine Mind are perpetually anchoring in my conscious mind through my pineal gland and reflecting into the outer world through my thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs, and memories.

Slowly but surely I become aware of this process. It begins with a soft effulgent Light filling my mind. It leads me past the imagination of hopes and dreams of a future Divinity into the ever present moment of NOW where Divine Enlightenment, Illumination, Cosmic Wisdom, and Infinite Physical Perfection are experienced with every breath I take.

All of the layers of human thought that were derived from my human ego¬—conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind—have been transmuted in this Light. This has created an entirely new Divine Process within my mental body that allows me to assimilate information directly through the Divinity of my Super Conscious Mind, my I AM Presence.

I now perceive everything as Divine Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness whether it is something in my daily life or coming to me from dimensions beyond. I AM aware of this in my meditations and in my everyday life experiences. I AM prepared to receive my Crystalline Mental Solar Light Body and I accept it now.

My Mother God now Baptizes my Crystalline Mental Solar Light Body with Sacred Fire. This blessing seals the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Fire Element within this vehicle and a scintillating forcefield of infinite perfection is formed. Through this blessing the Divine Mind of God is sealed within my conscious mind and will continually reflect through my mental body.

I AM my I AM Presence and through the Gift of this Activity of Light from On High, I AM abiding on the New Earth in my Etheric, Emotional, Physical, and Mental Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. Each of my four Elemental Vehicles is now functioning in its 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Frequency of infinite perfection.

As I consciously and deliberately empower this Activity of Light day after day, the Divine Alchemy will expand and expand in my Earthly Bodies, in the Earthly Bodies of ALL Humanity, and in the Bodies of Mother Earth and the entire Elemental Kingdom. In what will seem like "the twinkling of an eye," ALL Life evolving on this sweet Earth will God Victoriously Ascend into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Crystalline Solar Light associated with the New Earth. Then our Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love and our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love will be the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth.

And so it is. Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM.

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