The Law of Attraction | The Honest Courtesan

The <b>Law of Attraction</b> | The Honest Courtesan

The <b>Law of Attraction</b> | The Honest Courtesan

Posted: 26 Mar 2014 03:01 AM PDT

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years, but after a couple of years together I went on the pill and it completely killed my previously-high sex drive; during the 3 years I was on it I could probably count the number of times we had sex.  Once I realized the cause of the problem I stopped taking the pill and our sex life improved dramatically.  The problem is that my boyfriend become afraid to initiate sex with me during those years, so he always waits for me to initiate it; however, I'm sexually submissive and really want him to lead.  How can I boost his confidence after three years of making it worse?The Garden of Don Juan by Lajos Gulácsy (1910)

Since it seems to me that you and your boyfriend are very honest with one another, I think the direct approach is called for here.  Explain to him that now you're off the pill, you've returned to normal…and that "normal" for you means enjoying being the submissive partner.  Promise him that you won't turn him down unless you're really sick or something, and encourage him to be the aggressor.  Also, it won't hurt if you play up how excited you get when he takes the initiative; yes, it's a bit dishonest but think of it as a "white lie" which will help to make him more confident and thereby result in better sex for both of you.  I'm sure you'll eventually be able to dispense with it once he realizes that you really, truly do want him to be the sexually dominant one, because once he gets the hang of it he'll see the results in your natural responses.  And I suspect it won't take all that long for him to learn.

You answered my questions about heterosexual male escorts in "Vice Versa" and I've done a lot of research since then, but I have a follow-up question:  If you personally were to pay for a male escort, what is the #1 service you would like him to deliver to you?

I literally cannot even imagine a situation in which I would conceivably pay a man for sex.  That's just completely alien to me, not only because I could easily get a man to pay me for any sex or company I might want, but also because I don't experience spontaneous sexual desire in the way some women do, much less the way guys do.  And if I don't need or even really want something, why in the world would I spend good money on it?

When a prostitute sleeps with a physically attractive (to her) client, does she enjoy the sex more or is it just a better-than-average work day?

Attraction and sexual pleasure are more complicated for women than for men, and more complicated still for whores.  Clients who are attractive and know it can often be a huge pain, because they imagine it should get them some sort of bonus or special treatment.  So while it's absolutely true that some work sex is more enjoyable than other work sex, the reason may or may not have anything to do with a client's attractiveness; it could be due to the way he treats the escort, a rapport they have, or something even less definable.

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Is There Such a Thing as Coincidence? - The <b>Law Of Attraction</b>

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 07:17 AM PDT

Do you believe that there is such thing as 'coincidences'? Find out what the Law of Attraction's perspective on coincidence and fate is...*

Cycle toward the <b>Law of Attraction</b> - AECOM&#39;s Blog

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 10:55 AM PDT

Cycle toward the Law of Attraction

Photo: Copyright AECOM by David Lloyd.

I gave my best friend, Sarah, the book The Power for Christmas. Yesterday she emailed me saying that "if it only does one thing – to make me grateful with my lot – then that's enough for me."

If you've read The Power, you know it says that "like attracts like" and that "what you give out you receive back." Some would say it's about being grateful, and I agree. It's why I write in my gratitude diary every night.

Last week was a terrible week for cycling in Australia. Last Sunday, a car collided with a bunch of cyclists in Sydney, and an Adelaide woman died from injuries sustained after a collision with a car.

The next day, video footage was released in which a cyclist in Brisbane was hit from behind by a car. On Tuesday, a Melbourne taxi passenger opened a door in the path of a cyclist.

The list goes on, but I'll stop the negative stories right here and simply ask, is Australia cycling against the Law of Attraction?

I think both cyclist and car drivers are.

I've had it with this car driver vs. cyclist war. The more I see, the less I like. It leaves my head spinning and my heart screaming and it's undoing all the good work that many of us are doing to encourage riding a bicycle as just one step to help cut the Aussie obesity epidemic. As Jamie Oliver says, Australia is now fourth in the list of the unhealthiest places on planet earth.

Right now Australia has two problems.

Firstly, too much negativity. As The Power says, negativity creates negativity, which creates a vicious cycle of anger and resentment. Take my Facebook friend John. He likes to tell Council exactly what he thinks. But what it really means is that Council is diverted into solving John's endless dissatisfaction and grievances.

As a nation we're so angry that we never stop and think about how to solve the actual problems. If we really want things to change – for cyclists and for car drivers – we have to do the slow and difficult work to identify the real problems. Wouldn't it be great if people like John were part of the solution rather than just shouting about the problems?

Secondly, like it or not, Australia will never be like Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Our land use planning is completely wrong for cycling. The Australian Dream was – and maybe still is – space: a big house, a big backyard, and space for lots of cars. Everyone copied everyone else and so now Australia is full of big houses. Normal is driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for to get to the job you need to pay for the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it. As Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said at my Australian Citizenship ceremony last week, "We need to respect each other and we need to leave the hatred behind."

Now, he wasn't talking directly about cycling, but he's right. Cyclists need to respect car drivers and car drivers need to accept that cycling is a valid mode of transport.

So let's start cycling towards the Law of Attraction.

  • Let's celebrate the positive achievements, however big or small. As Bicycle Network tweeted last Friday, "Despite this week's media storm, let's not forget that Kirsty, a year 12 student, rode to school for the first time."
  • Let's work on the things that we can influence and control, and ignore the ones we can't. How about cyclists stop jumping red lights and swearing at car drivers and car drivers stop driving whilst talking on their mobile phones, driving too close, and beeping their horns?
  • Let's be grateful for what we have. Australia has some world-class cycling infrastructure; Brisbane's Bicentennial Bikeway, and Bourke Street Bikeway in Sydney to name but two. Rottnest Island has the largest cycle hire in the southern hemisphere while my mate Jonathan Giles attracts more than 100 people to his "Cycle Chic" bike rides with just a couple of Facebook posts.

We create our reality with our thoughts. Australia may never be a cycling utopia, but different road users can respect each other, and we can leave the hatred behind. And if we all only do one thing, let's cycle towards the Law of Attraction, not against it. Like my friend Sarah says, "we can start with being grateful with our lot."



Rachel Smith ( is an internationally-recognized urban planner and commentator, and principal transport planner with AECOM's Brisbane office. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter, or follow her blog here.


It&#39;s Alive! My <b>Law of Attraction</b> Book is Available for Sale | Annienygma

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 07:37 PM PDT

It's official – my latest book, "How I Designed My Life Using the Law of Attraction…And You Can Too" is now live in print and ebook formats. You can visit the official page here.


It will be a few days before the book is live on Amazon, Apple and other retailers but can be purchased directly through Createspace (for print editions) and Smashwords (ebook edition).

Thank all of you for your support! To celebrate I will give away a free PDF copy of this book to one lucky person. Just comment on this post and on Monday I will randomly select the winner.

You guys are awesome! Thank you again!

Hugs, Annie

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Advanced <b>Law of Attraction</b> Techniques – How to Attract Money | 10 <b>...</b>

Posted: 17 Mar 2014 10:34 PM PDT

images (15)Most people want to know how to attract more money into their lives, and there are advanced Law of attraction techniques that enable us to do exactly that. Although many people know about the general concepts of the law of attraction, such as visualization and practicing gratitude, relatively few individuals are familiar with the more advanced techniques. With that in mind, let's take a look at two powerful techniques to attract money.

Advanced Law of Attraction Technique 1: Stop "wanting" things — "have" them

The law of attraction says that whatever we focus on expands. Many people mistakenly believe this means we will attract whatever we "want" into our lives. But in truth, we do not attract what we "want," we attract more of what we already "have."

This means that in order to attract money, we must develop a mindset of already "having" money. One powerful technique to facilitate this mindset is to begin focusing on the ways in which we are already rich. Here's how it works:

As you're reading this right now, you are a very wealthy and lucky person. I know this is true for a variety of reasons. For example, you have a computer and access to the Internet. Does this seem like a small thing to you? Do you realize that millions of people around the world have no access to a computer, much less to the Internet.

In fact, millions of people don't even have electricity in their home. And yet you do. This alone puts you easily in the richest 20% of the world's population. Perhaps you also had the ability to get an education. Do you realize that a billion people around the world do not have that opportunity. I think you're starting to see my point.

The more you stay in this mindset of gratitude because you're already rich, prosperous and have an easy life, the more you will attract greater levels of these things to you. Remember, we don't attract what we want — we attract more of what we already have.

Advanced Law of Attraction Technique 2: Show Yourself the Money

Do you remember that scene in the film Jerry Maguire where Cuba Gooding Jr. kept saying, "show me the money?" Well, the second technique I want to share with you is all about showing yourself the money. Here's what I mean:

Money is a very powerful symbol, and it has a stronger symbolic effect on all of us than we realize. To get in the mindset of already having wealth (see advanced technique #1), it is important to see, hear, touch and even smell money often (I don't recommend that you taste it though). haha :)

All you need to do is begin carrying more money than you normally do and take it out and look at it often. In fact, don't just look at it; rustle the notes beside your ear and listen to the sound they make. And let's not forget that money has a very unique smell. Hold the bills up to your nose and take a good whiff. Literally "breathe in" the money and feel it on every level of your being.

The idea is to get ALL of your senses involved in the experience of having money. See the money, hear the money, smell the money and touch the money. Become "one" with the money.

This technique may sound silly to you at first, but don't be fooled; getting all of your senses involved is a powerful way to manifesting money in your life.

Try these two "how to" techniques to use the law of attraction more effectively and attract more money into your bank account than you ever thought possible!

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