Beyond the Superconscious Mind – Part 4: How to get there? con'td ...

Beyond the <b>Superconscious Mind</b> – Part 4: How to get there? con&#39;td <b>...</b>

Beyond the <b>Superconscious Mind</b> – Part 4: How to get there? con&#39;td <b>...</b>

Posted: 11 Feb 2014 01:22 AM PST

Marriam-Webster dictionary defines Mantra as a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone's basic belief. In the book, the author explains what are the qualities of that word or phrase which make it effective in attaining greater peace and clarity.

Concentration on Mantra

A mantra must 3 qualities in order to transcend the ignorance and illusions of lower mind to subtler realms.  It must be pulsative, incantative and ideative.

Pulsative means having two syllables to be in tune with the rhythm of breathing (in and out), because breathing has a profound effect upon the state of one's consciousness.  The function of breathing is closely relating to the flow of vital energy in the body, called práná or "qi", which in turn greatly affects the mind.  The control of breathing (pránáyama) is an important part of yoga training as the regulation of the práná reduces disturbance to the mind.

Slow and rhythmic internal chanting of mantra serves to slow the breathing, steady the qi and calm and control the restless wandering mind.

Incantative refers to the vibrational pattern a sound have when being chanted internally. It is known that rhythmic movement of musical scales, subtly attuned to the rhythm of nature, can evoke the mood of individuals and even plants.

Emblem_OMYogis have, through long inner experimentation, developed a series of powerful sounds or mantra which when chanted internally, resonate with the individual's own (entitative derivate from word entity, considered pure entity) rhythm. The rhythm vibrates at a particular frequency, gradually transform into the infinite straight line of Supreme Peace and the mind merges in boundless Cosmic consciousness. These sounds that originated from inside their bodies have been systematized into the oldest language – Sanskrit.

When we are able to withdraw our mind from external sounds, we will hear much subtler inner vibrations; vibrations of our own nervous system and the pulsation of blood.  Ancient yogis were not only able to withdraw minds from external sounds but also from their physical bodies. They could focus their minds on the subtle energy inside them. There are seven (7) psychic energy centres or cakras along the spine and brain which control the functioning of mind and body. The cakras emanate (49) vibrations, which the ancient Yogis were able to spoke them aloud in letter of the Sanskrit alphabet.

The Sanskrit language was developed from the externalized sound of our subtle internal energies. Sanskrit mantras have been used by people of all nationalities, regardless of their native language, for meditation because Sanskrit is the universal language for self-realisation. Repeated chanting of the mantra in meditation vibrates the cakras and stills the restlessness of the mind.

Recent scientific studies have revealed that meditation have positive impact on one's consciousness, through detection of changes in frequency of the brain waves. Brain waves, which are vibrations of nerves, are picked up using Electro-encephalogram (EEG) machines through the sensitive electrodes attached to a person's head.  The rhythms of the waves are charted on graphs and the following table shows that the nature of the waves correlates to a person's mind.

During one-pointed concentration on the mantra, all different parts of the brain vibrate in the same frequency and it is the same rhythm as the heartbeat and respiration. During deep meditation, the yogi's mind becomes like a laser beam, highly intense and with only one frequency that gives it tremendous power, he develops immerses psychic power. Those realized individuals with complete mastery of the rhythms over their mind, become free from all bondages of form, space and time. They understand the subtle law of consciousness and are able to perform "miracles".

Possession of such potent spiritual energies and releasing them into the external world before one has attained spiritual perfection is detrimental to his spiritual progress, because one may develop pride in their display or the mind and body may deteriorate.

Ideative, the third quality of a mantra, is that it has a specific expansive meaning. Today, the power of positive thinking, affirmation, creative visualisation are being applied to help one achieve more, to gain greater success, wealth and popularity.  Likewise during meditation, the repeat affirmation (chanting of mantra) helps us gradually expand our mind to be free from bondages and transcend to non-duality bliss.

candle & sandEvery human being,  man or woman, rich or poor, young or old, educated or not, may set on this path to true happiness.  Going through step-by- step to purify and strengthen each layer of the mind. One develops a healthy and pure body, emotional balance, sharp memory and clarity and finally bliss. All the above can only be achieved through experience, so go ahead and start your journey!

My Thoughts:

Meditation has proven to be an effective way for one to gain clarity and peace.  It is not easy for one to just sit and not think about anything and it is important to note that meditating is not "spacing out". Different meditation guides use different approaches, some focus on breath, some on certain object or light. My Yoga instructor advised that to gain faster progress, it is best to have a teacher to clarify questions.   Practising meditation is a life-long process, it is not just to experience the bliss but to prepare one for gaining deeper wisdom for real happiness.

The affairs of the world will go on forever. Do not delay the practice of meditation. ~ Milarepa

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