Law of Attraction Money Secrets – Allow and Enjoy | 10 Rules To ...

<b>Law of Attraction</b> Money Secrets – Allow and Enjoy | 10 Rules To <b>...</b>

<b>Law of Attraction</b> Money Secrets – Allow and Enjoy | 10 Rules To <b>...</b>

Posted: 17 Mar 2014 10:27 PM PDT

images (14)Is the law of attraction working for you, bringing abundance, prosperity and joy into your life? If it isn't, here are two secrets which will help you to manifest the money you want.

Allowing the Law of Attraction to Work for You

"Allowing" is one of the primary secrets of law of attraction success. You must allow what you want to manifest for yourself and your loved ones. Many people can manifest their desires, but they're blocked when it comes to manifesting money.

Let's see how this works in an example. Imagine that you need $10,000 within a month. You must have this money. If you don't get it, there will be dire consequences. Since the law of attraction delivers money to you if you already believe you have it, your only goal is to give thanks for the money which is yours already.

You just allow the money.

Does that sound too simple? It will, if you have limiting thoughts about money and the ease or difficulty with which it flows into your life. This is your chance to eliminate all the disabling thoughts you have about prosperity and abundance.

Here's how. Imagine that you have a wallet that's bulging with $100 bills. You can spend that money on anything you wish. Each time you spend the money, it's replaced, instantly. Think of the things you could buy. Remember, each time you make a purchase, the money is instantly replaced. You can buy whatever you choose…

While you're thinking of the money, and pretending you have it, you're vibrating prosperity, and since you're aligned with abundance, abundance will flow into your life.

Enjoying Your Abundance With the Law of Attraction

"Joy" is another major law of attraction secret.

Let's stay with our "I need $10,000″ example.

When you imagine that the money is yours, and feel abundant, because you have more money in your wallet than you could ever spend, you're in alignment with money flowing into your life. Now all you need to do is feel joyful.

Start with feeling grateful, that you have an endless supply of money, which is on its way to you. Then, experience joy — you now know that you can have anything you choose.

Keep allowing, and enjoying. When thoughts of lack intrude: "I don't have the money and I need it", switch instantly to allowing, and enjoying.

The law of attraction works for you, and you can attract anything you could ever wish for. Just get into the right state, by allowing and enjoying, to ensure your abundance.

Advanced <b>Law of Attraction</b> Techniques – How to Attract Money | 10 <b>...</b>

Posted: 17 Mar 2014 10:34 PM PDT

images (15)Most people want to know how to attract more money into their lives, and there are advanced Law of attraction techniques that enable us to do exactly that. Although many people know about the general concepts of the law of attraction, such as visualization and practicing gratitude, relatively few individuals are familiar with the more advanced techniques. With that in mind, let's take a look at two powerful techniques to attract money.

Advanced Law of Attraction Technique 1: Stop "wanting" things — "have" them

The law of attraction says that whatever we focus on expands. Many people mistakenly believe this means we will attract whatever we "want" into our lives. But in truth, we do not attract what we "want," we attract more of what we already "have."

This means that in order to attract money, we must develop a mindset of already "having" money. One powerful technique to facilitate this mindset is to begin focusing on the ways in which we are already rich. Here's how it works:

As you're reading this right now, you are a very wealthy and lucky person. I know this is true for a variety of reasons. For example, you have a computer and access to the Internet. Does this seem like a small thing to you? Do you realize that millions of people around the world have no access to a computer, much less to the Internet.

In fact, millions of people don't even have electricity in their home. And yet you do. This alone puts you easily in the richest 20% of the world's population. Perhaps you also had the ability to get an education. Do you realize that a billion people around the world do not have that opportunity. I think you're starting to see my point.

The more you stay in this mindset of gratitude because you're already rich, prosperous and have an easy life, the more you will attract greater levels of these things to you. Remember, we don't attract what we want — we attract more of what we already have.

Advanced Law of Attraction Technique 2: Show Yourself the Money

Do you remember that scene in the film Jerry Maguire where Cuba Gooding Jr. kept saying, "show me the money?" Well, the second technique I want to share with you is all about showing yourself the money. Here's what I mean:

Money is a very powerful symbol, and it has a stronger symbolic effect on all of us than we realize. To get in the mindset of already having wealth (see advanced technique #1), it is important to see, hear, touch and even smell money often (I don't recommend that you taste it though). haha :)

All you need to do is begin carrying more money than you normally do and take it out and look at it often. In fact, don't just look at it; rustle the notes beside your ear and listen to the sound they make. And let's not forget that money has a very unique smell. Hold the bills up to your nose and take a good whiff. Literally "breathe in" the money and feel it on every level of your being.

The idea is to get ALL of your senses involved in the experience of having money. See the money, hear the money, smell the money and touch the money. Become "one" with the money.

This technique may sound silly to you at first, but don't be fooled; getting all of your senses involved is a powerful way to manifesting money in your life.

Try these two "how to" techniques to use the law of attraction more effectively and attract more money into your bank account than you ever thought possible!

<b>Law of Attraction</b> | UMKC Today

Posted: 17 Mar 2014 07:41 AM PDT

The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law is one of the top 10 law schools in the country in terms of converting accepted applicants into enrolled students.

That's the word from U.S. News & World Report, which cited the nation's top law schools for attracting students, at a time when overall law school admissions are in decline. UMKC is seventh on a top 10 list that also includes Yale, Harvard and Stanford. See the full list in the U.S. News "Short List" report.

This year, enrollment at the UMKC School of Law increased by almost 15 percent, even while total applications declined 12 percent. According to Dean Ellen Y. Suni, two key elements are the school's exceptional value and student-centered approach.

Tuition at UMKC Law is a reasonable $18,000 a year for Missouri residents, and the university offers out-of-state tuition scholarships to many Kansas and other out-of-state residents. But despite the low cost, the school boasts a 90 percent job placement rate and a 92 percent bar passage rate among graduates. Those figures helped earn the school a "Best Value" ranking from National Jurist magazine.

The school's student-centered approach begins with the admissions process, which requires an interview with a member of the admissions committee. The school building is designed for close faculty-student interaction, with office suites that mix students and faculty – a design that draws faculty who want that kind of relationship with students.

In addition, the school focuses on preparing students for practice. Powered by the extensive practice experience of its faculty, important lawyering skills are integrated into doctrinal classes from the very first semester. In addition, the school's close ties to the Kansas City legal community allow for networking and significant clinical and externship opportunities.

Earlier this year, U.S. News ranked the online graduate nursing programs at UMKC's School of Nursing and Health Studies among the nation's top 10.  The nonprofit management emphasis in the Henry W. Bloch School of Management's Master of Public Administration program has been ranked no. 15 in the country by U.S. News.


Article: My Run-In With The <b>Law (of Attraction</b>) | OpEdNews

Posted: 10 Mar 2014 03:41 PM PDT


(Article changed on March 9, 2014 at 13:02)

The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and the belief that like energy attracts like energy. - From Wikipedia 

Man those roots were deep! The bushes had probably been there since the house  was built, and it seemed they weren't interested in leaving. Besides being deep, they were a tangled mess, winding around each other like snakes in a pit. But the bushes were looking tired now, and were out of date as landscaping elements. Thus my wife and I decided to remove them. It would open up the front of the house and we could put in a little terraced flower garden for a nice contemporary touch.

So one pleasant spring weekend morning, I embarked, shovel in hand, on what I hoped would be an easy job of excavating some old, weak, decomposing plants. Need I say it didn't turn out that way? Of course not! Murphy's law, right? After easily cutting the branches down to ground level, the attack on the roots moved forward. Before long, the shovel was joined by a pick. A short time later, the pick was joined by a sledge hammer - and basically anything I could find that might break up the steely cables. It was now apparent that this could go on all weekend - and maybe longer.


As my mind scanned the available tools in the garage, I realized that one thing which would really be helpful was also the one thing I didn't have - a pry bar. Yeah, a pry bar would be just the thing to get some leverage on those suckers. Leverage - the engineers favorite tool. Ah, leverage - just the weapon to drive out the snakes. I briefly considered making a run to the hardware store, but feared that once having stopped, I might not want to continue.

And I was filthy dirty too. And it wasn't like I wasn't making any headway. So I toiled on, battling the fiends as best I could with what I had, and all the while thinking about how great it would be to have a pry bar. I formed a mental picture of one and imagined myself effortlessly dispatching roots with the magic stick. I ruminated on how much easier it would be to slip the pointed end of the bar under a root cable while pushing on the opposite end to either pull it out completely, or at least snap it in two. 

The afternoon wore on as the task proceeded incrementally, inch by inch, tangled root by tangled root. I tried to put the image of a pry bar out of my mind, but it persisted, returning with each resistant encounter. The thought that the job could be done so much easier and faster was as hard to remove as the roots. My kingdom for a pry bar!

Needing a break after dispensing many buckets of sweat, I walked around to the side of the house, and went inside to grab a diet coke. Now here is where the story takes a strange and most perplexing turn. After taking a couple sips of coke, I went straight back to the front of the house. The length of time consumed by the process could not have been more than two or three minutes - in other words, just a little more than the amount of time needed to blink an eye. 

As I walked across the yard, something in my peripheral vision attracted attention. It was some sort of object lying in the middle of the sidewalk, right at the end of the front walk. I stood transfixed. What it appeared to be defied logic. Moving closer confirmed that my eyes were not deceiving me. The object lying on the sidewalk in front of my house was indeed, a pry bar! Yes!

I quickly looked up and down the street. No one! Not a soul. But even if someone had been there, what could possibly account for them leaving a pry bar right in front of my house? And no one else, not even my wife, knew about the object of my desire that afternoon.

So here I was, standing over an object like the one I had obsessed over all day. It was a pry bar to be sure. But while it was like the imagined object, it wasn't an exact match. The bar I had in mind was at least four feet long, while the bar I now cradled in my hands measured a mere 12 inches - a perfectly good tool, to be sure - but for my purposes, utterly useless. 

Some might consider what happened to be a legitimate, though imperfect, example of the Law of Attraction in action. And I'll admit to being at a loss for an alternative explanation. Sure, things fall from airplanes now and then, but they usually don't land neatly and squarely. And to my knowledge there haven't been any reports of bar-shaped meteors striking the earth. 

My own relationship with the Law of Attraction concept remains a work in progress. As I learn more about the energetic nature of the universe, there's a greater openness to the possibility, despite some reservations. My own experience has been ambiguous. Yes, there has been the occasional synchronistic connection to a person or event. Yet, contrarily, I spend the better part of the day worrying about one thing or another, but find very little ever comes to pass.

So what do I take away from this encounter with the numenous? Let's recap: 1) The object on which I'd focused my thoughts and intention was manifested. 2) There was no evidence of human intervention. 3) The bar wasn't suited to the task.  

From this I'm inclined to conclude that if energy does in fact respond to thoughts, desires and mental pictures, one would be well advised to practice caution, and be very specific about what is asked for. It may be that the universe really is ready and willing to deliver whatever we order. But we'd better make sure we fill in all the blanks. If wishing for a Honda, be sure to state the year and model. Heaven forbid a lawn mower shows up instead. 

We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery. - Paulo Coelho

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this website or its editors.

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Life Coaching – Life Changing – How to use The <b>Law of Attraction</b> to <b>...</b>

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 05:37 AM PST

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction has become popular through books such as The Law of Attraction (Esther and Jerry Hicks), The Secret (Rhonda Byrne) or Law of Attraction – Getting More of What You

Want and Less of What You Don't by Michael Losier. In some cases the law of attraction has been studied from the perspective of quantum physics as a field of energy and vibrations. In other cases it has been associated with metaphysics or the spiritual realm.

It is not necessary to understand quantum physics or practice a particular form of spirituality in order to make the law of attraction work in your life. A useful interpretation of the law of attraction is that it relates to the ways in which we draw experiences to us by our thinking, feeling and behaving. Our thoughts influence our moods, feelings, behavior and interaction with others. You may be extremely good at noticing whether you are sad, happy, irritable or restless. Yet you may not know how these feelings are connected to what you are thinking. So during this book you will be introduced to the tools and techniques that can be used to develop the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are more likely to produce positive experiences in your life.

You may already be able to detect the law of attraction in your life experiences. For example, do you tend to avoid people who complain a lot? Does negative thinking can cast a gloomy cloud in the home, or workplace? Have you experienced walking into a room and sensing the atmosphere within it? Perhaps you know someone who has a smile that lights up the room, or has a knack of making others feel welcome and appreciated.

Creating experiences

A common interpretation of the law of attraction is that we create our own reality. For some people this can be taken to mean that the external world becomes less important than their own, selfcreated world. Taken to extremes this could lead to a selfcentered attitude whereby the only thing that matters is your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It can also lead to selfblame, such as the idea that you are attracting bad experiences to yourself. To counter such views, it is worthwhile considering that there are certain things in life that are out of our individual control such as stock market crashes, extreme weather conditions, life threatening illnesses or the death of loved ones.

Although we do not have direct control over these things, we do have some flexibility regarding how we interpret them. So while we do not literally create our own reality, we experience reality through the filter of our own life experiences and sensory abilities. One person might regard a stock market crash as a major economic disaster and start to worry about losing their job. Another person might regard the stock market crash as part of the economic cycle of ups and downs. Someone else might see the stock market crash as an opportunity to buy low cost stocks and shares and wait until the market improves and then sell them at a profit. Noticing that there are different ways of interpreting the same event it is possible to question which viewpoint is more likely to draw good experiences to us.

The law of attraction has also come under criticism on the basis that it produces the belief that we must take responsibility for everything that happens to us. So if you become sick this is because you have attracted it to you. However, it is important to take into account other factors that may come into play with major health issues and take the appropriate medical or clinical action to address them. Nonetheless, if you or someone you love is dealing with a major health issue then it will be beneficial to harness some of the tools and techniques presented in this book as a supplement to the conventional medical interventions that are being used. This book is not about uncovering psychological issues such as past family dynamics, relationships or traumatic experiences. If you are experiencing psychological disturbances due to trauma, past family or personal relationships or have an addiction of some kind, then you are advised to seek appropriate professional support from a qualified therapist, counselor or medical practitioner.

Another view of the law of attraction is that you can simply think positive thoughts and sit back and wait for your life to change for the better. While thinking positive thoughts is a great start, action is also needed to make changes in your life. Just sitting around and having a few positive thoughts is not going to produce dramatic changes in your life. Starting to practice using positive words and phrases is a building block to a better life provided that you start to take actions that support them. Even if you start with a few positive thoughts and actions these will soon gain momentum and before long positive thinking and life enhancing actions will become a much larger part of your daily experience.

Altering your mindset will enable you to be open to new possibilities and opportunities. You can then follow up these opportunities to make positive changes in your life. Supporting positive thinking by actions requires a commitment to making changes in your life. When I take on life coaching clients, for example, a commitment is required from the client to make changes in their life. Sometimes a client may want to move away from their current situation yet it soon becomes apparent that they do not have the commitment to make changes to their lives.

In such cases it is necessary to question the client to see how we can move forward. If the client is not ready to make changes and commit to them, it is better to suspend the coaching process until the necessary commitment to change is in place. Consequently having a commitment to practicing making changes to the ways in which you think, feel and behave is required to attract positive changes into your life.




Life Coaching – Life Changing – How to use The Law of Attraction to Make Positive Changes in Your Life by Melanie Chan

Successful life coach and NLP practitioner Melanie Chan draws on her experience and expertise to inspire you to make positive changes in your life. With real examples from clients who have changed their lives for the better this book provides you with the tools and techniques to help you achieve a more joyful and fulfilling life. In this friendly and practical book you will find out how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours attract experiences to you. After reading the book you will have further insight into how the law of attraction happens and how you can harness this to support your best interests.

Seduction Is The New <b>Law Of Attraction</b> - The Daily Love

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 02:10 AM PDT

Kitty CavalierWhen I was a kid I wanted to be a nurse, a veterinarian or a nun. Seduction teacher was not an available chosen profession, yet that is my job title now. Full time seductress. Yep. That's me.

Before I go into the story of how I made this journey, I want to clarify what I mean when I say seduction because there is so much misunderstanding about the word seduction and it's intention.

We are taught that seduction is a form of manipulation, a bag of tricks designed to hypnotize another person into fulfilling your wishes no matter the cost. When I ask my students what they were taught about seduction as a child the most common answer is "nothing". But it may interest you to know that seduction is actually the basis of the first story some of us are ever told: the story of Adam and Eve. In this story the serpent plays the great seducer, luring Eve into plucking the apple from the tree. When Eve's appetite for adventure leads her to invite Adam to take a bite, all hell breaks loose. Eve is blamed for her stupidity and Adam for his weakness. And now we are all damned to a life of suffering for the rest of time. Thanks Seduction!

But let's broaden our lens a little. When we look at that moment of Eve deciding to say yes to plucking the apple, was she being stupid? Or was she just open? Was Adam doing anything wrong when he chose to listen to a voice within himself rather than a voice outside of himself?

Desire over doubt. Feeling over logic. (Tweet-worthy!) This is the true nature of seduction, and in my opinion, it is exactly what this restless world is longing for.

It is no secret that there is a new consciousness that is arising on the planet. (High five, fist bump!) A consciousness of community rather than competition, compassion over force, feeling things out rather than just thinking them through.

In this consciousness there is a trend emerging: we are all starting to get hip to the jive that the things we were taught to renounce and fear are often where our greatest power and freedom lie. Such is true with seduction when we use it as a spiritual practice, or what I like to call sacred seduction. What makes sacred seduction different is that it is attraction through authenticity. It is the act of trusting the desires that arise from your soul rather than trying to force the ones that stem from the ego.

For example, let's say you find a job that is everything you have ever wanted in terms of salary, perks, benefits, etc. But there is a voice inside of you that is screaming that something is not right. You can feel the sensation of "don't work here" in your body and bones with no logical explanation why. In this case you are in a bit of a pickle. The job may look great but it is simply not seducing you fully. So what do you do?

First, let's just clarify that there is no right or wrong course of action here. Seduction is not a foolproof way to make the "right" decision every time.
What it gives us is an opening to the possibility of our inner knowing being the wisest part of us regardless of how things might look on the outside.
When we are willing to trust feeling over logic, desire over rationale, it leaves room for enormous miracles. Miracles whose depth and breadth our human minds sometimes have not even thought to want.

Often when I present this to people they say "well then what's to keep me from sitting around eating bon-bons and watching Homeland reruns every day it that is what is 'seducing' me?" To this I would respond that true seduction is based on instincts rather than impulses. Do bon-bons and Homeland make you feel really, really awesome? Then I say do it for as along as it feels really, really awesome. But there will come a time when your belly gets full and the season is over. Or maybe the bon-bons are not what you really want; it's just that they are the easiest option. Maybe what is really seducing you is going for a run or taking a nap. Maybe it is finally crossing something off your to do list that has been weighing on you for weeks. Whatever it is, I encourage you to listen really, really closely to what is seducing you in the moment. Impulses lead us to numb out; instincts help us to tap in.

Also keep in mind; seduction is fluid, not fixed. It is a force, not a formula. What seduces you in this moment might be completely from what seduces you a day, an hour or even a minute from now.

Seduction is not evil or manipulative.  It is just yet another pathway to becoming present, going within and surrendering to the Uni-verse. Seduction is a spiritual practice.  (Who knew???)

Tell me in your comments: what were you taught about seduction in your life? How does this new approach make you feel about it? Do you feel inspired? Confused? Angry? All three? Inquiring Cavalier's are dying to know.




A sizzling starlet and gifted teacher, Kitty Cavalier is your go-to girl for celebrating the seductress within. Visit her website here.

Kate Barber (&#39;00) and Trent Jernigan (&#39;00) engage in <b>law of attraction</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 14 Mar 2014 12:45 PM PDT

Kate Barber ('00) and Trent Jernigan ('00) were both attracted to Wake Forest Law for its small class sizes and passion among students and faculty.

They met on their first day and were both placed in the same section of 40 students. Soon it became clear that law school would hold another attraction for them – each other.

"There was definitely a 'Who is THAT?' feeling," Kate said, about her first meeting with her future husband. "I brushed it off. I didn't want anyone to think I had come to law school looking for a husband."

For Trent, who is a partner in Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice's real estate development group, the feelings were even stronger.

"For me, it was love at first sight," he said. "I saw this young woman. She was very attractive. I knew she was very smart. I just had that sort of feeling."

Kate Barber ('00) and Trent Jernigan ('00)

Kate Barber ('00) and Trent Jernigan ('00)

Both of them were dating other people, so they pushed their attraction aside and plunged into their studies.

For Kate, who had been an English major at Duke University, Wake Forest Law offered an intellectually engaging environment.

"I was completely blown away by the range of talent and personalities," she said. "I looked around and I thought, 'Everyone here is smart as a whip and everyone is completely different.' I found that really exciting and academically stimulating."

Trent's interest in law had been kindled as a political science major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, after taking a class in the American legal system.

"You've heard all the horror stories about people not making it or being gone after the first semester," he said. "The thing that stands out to me, especially the first year, was that the professors were so concerned about the students. They not only wanted to make sure you learned how to think like a lawyer. They genuinely cared about wanting you to succeed and to enjoy the process."

Before long, classmates noticed the sparks flying between the two law students and commented on the amount of time they spent together.

Trent and Kate began to feel that they had reverted back to middle school, as they lugged their book bags around, brought their brown bag lunches to school, and tried to catch each other at their lockers.

One of their professors called on Kate in class to discuss a personal property case involving some jewelry a man gave to his wife. He asked Kate if she was dating anyone. As the class snickered, Kate said that she was.

The suspense was over by the end of the second semester when the couple told classmates they were dating.

"You wanted to be seen as taking your studies seriously," Trent said, "but you didn't want to be fielding those weird questions anymore."

The couple became engaged at the end of their second year of law school and began discussing where they wanted to live.

They took the bar exam in July and married in August 2000. They assumed they would not know the results of their exams until September, but the exam results arrived a week before the wedding. Both of them passed.

Trent was reminded of Wake Forest Law faculty's concern and sensitivity toward its students when he ran into Charley Rose shortly after receiving his results. Rose asked how the exam had gone, tactfully avoiding any hint that he wondered how they had done.

"When I told him Kate and I had passed, he got the biggest grin on his face," Trent said. "He was genuinely happy for us. We were just two of his many hundreds of students."

For Kate, who last worked in Wachovia's Trust department, and is currently at home raising their children, Adelaide, 7, and James, 9, their Wake Forest Law experience was doubly blessed. They found not only a law school that they enjoyed, but each other.

"We feel so fortunate that something pulled us to that place and in that direction," she said. "It was very authentic and real to date someone at that time in our lives. You can't fake your way or be something you're not."




<b>Law of Attraction</b> with Andrea Mathews | WomensRadio

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 09:10 AM PDT

Andrea Mathews is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Counseling Supervisor, a National Certified Counselor and an NBCC Approved Provider of Continuing Education. She has almost 30 years experience in the ...

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