Alignment – Affirmations to the Super-Conscious Mind Are What ...

Alignment – Affirmations to the <b>Super</b>-<b>Conscious Mind</b> Are What <b>...</b>

Alignment – Affirmations to the <b>Super</b>-<b>Conscious Mind</b> Are What <b>...</b>

Posted: 30 Mar 2014 02:38 PM PDT

What is an affirmation and what is the purpose of writing or repeating an affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement about what you want to bring into your experience.

It is a way of re-framing outdated mind-sets, thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve our highest and best good.

The purpose of using positive statements to keep the Ego-chitter chatter from completely taking over and having us believe that we are worthless, stupid, and lazy and fill us with fear and doubt, chaos and confusion.

Repeating a positive statement of truth is part of the overall process of attracting more of what we want in our lives and so much less of what we don't want.

To break this down even further, it is a declaration of something we know to be a truth. For example … the Law of Attraction states that our thoughts create our reality and yet most of us, have at one time or another, chosen to focus on lack expecting to attract more prosperity, a love relationship or feel better about ourselves.

The Law teaches us that when we focus on what we don't want, we manifest or bring into our experience exactly what we don't want because that's where our focus is.

When we chose to repeat a statement of truth such as …

*I have money in the bank

*I am healthy, wealthy and wise

*I have all I need and more

*my supply comes from Source

*I am worthy and deserve to be happy

… we begin to impress or imprint the conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious mind with a statement of truth each time we say or repeat it.

Whatever you believe to be the truth for you becomes the truth for you creating the reality you see around you, in your business and relationships.

When you choose to re-frame outdated mind-sets, becoming consciously aware of thought patterns that hold you back, that create more fear and doubt, you begin to chip away at all the negative things that anyone ever said to you.

None of us are born feeling inferior, unloved, abandoned, poor, stupid or unworthy of anything. We are simply sponges soaking up everything anyone has ever said believing that it must reflect the truth of who we really are of they would be saying it and pounding it into our minds.

As difficult as it may be to hear, belief is at the core of every thought pattern, mind-set and emotion we have about ourselves, our ability to succeed or fail and even about the kinds of relationships we attract and experience.

Affirmations are to the mind what exercise is to the physical body. We exercise our bodies to move energy, to be in alignment, healthy and balanced and to attract more of what we want, repelling away from us what we don't want.

Saying and repeating positive statements of truth move thought and emotional energy, impressing upon the conscious mind, the sub-conscious and eventually the super-conscious mind the truth of who you really are.

Whether you repeat ugly, negative things to yourself or positive, loving things to yourself you are exercising and imprinting your mind and your physical body of the truth of who you are through your words.

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How to Activate Your <b>Superconscious Mind</b> | spiritually deep dish

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 08:29 AM PST*

How to Activate Your <b>Super Conscious Mind</b>! (Great Stuff!)

Posted: 26 Mar 2014 10:08 PM PDT

To increase the savvy of ALL individuals in the healing field. To help make people realize that when one increases his own knowledge and wisdom he does a very good thing for his own health and wellbeing. An increase in his personhood automatically improves one's ability to recover and feel good...again. I firmly believe that when all is said and done we will find that one's attitude weighs heavily on how he does and the illnesses that he finds himself with.
Ones mind + outlook, I believe, has a greater role in ones physical wellbeing than is usually given credit. In short - if the attitude, savvy and outlook of the patient increases...than the patient improves accordingly.

How to Activate Your <b>Super Conscious Mind</b>! (Great Stuff!) - AdzVillage

Posted: 04 Apr 2014 03:35 PM PDT


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Psychology professor George Catlin and I discuss where to find God, how to discover who we really are, and what we can do to grow spiritually and increase our conscious awareness.


Psychology professor George Catlin and I discuss where to find God, how to discover who we really are, and what we can do to grow spiritually and increase our conscious awareness.


Psychology professor George Catlin and I discuss where to find God, how to discover who we really are, and what we can do to grow spiritually and increase our conscious awareness.


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discuss why this time in history is one of much tension and great change. I reveal many of the signs occurring around the world (including photos and video footage) which indicate that the great teacher expected by...


I discuss why this time in history is one of much tension and great change. I reveal many of the signs occurring around the world (including photos and video footage) which indicate that the great teacher expected b...


Dr George Catlin and I compare and contrast the core beliefs and approaches of Christianity and New Age thought -- emphasizing the similarities and hope for the future.


Dr George Catlin and I compare and contrast the core beliefs and approaches of Christianity and New Age thought -- emphasizing the similarities and hope for the future.


Dr George Catlin and I compare and contrast the core beliefs and approaches of Christianity and New Age thought -- emphasizing the similarities and hope for the future.

How to Activate Your <b>Super Conscious Mind</b>! (Great Stuff <b>...</b>

Posted: 29 Mar 2014 09:40 PM PDT

How to Activate Your Super Conscious Mind! (Great Stuff!) - YouTube.*

How to Activate Your <b>Super Conscious Mind</b>! (Great Stuff!)

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 09:26 PM PDT

Reverend Crystal Cox ~ Pastor of Bringing Back Goddess Church

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POWER OF MEMORY – A <b>MIND</b> GAME | Inner Thoughts

Posted: 05 Apr 2014 09:49 AM PDT



Our conscious self records messages
On its slate so assiduously kept clean by us
Its recall wholly depends
On the firmness of imprints of the messages
Depending entirely upon time and need when it arises
When deeply delving into ourselves
And come out with answers to our problems.


Some memories are sweeter than the words it contains
Others are sweeter than the sweets in the market places
These messages ignite our inner conscience the most
Recollecting it brightens our day like a star on the horizon.


Other recollections are bitter like bitter pills we don't want swallow
Rather than making us healthy make us shallow
Like cruel incidents thee want forgetting
Yet surfaces time and again without any warning.


Thence sub conscious is the power house of information
It is unique in its manifestation
Working free of any limitation
It is most active at night when we're in sleep mode
Contains beliefs based on present and past karma that we rode.


Thereafter comes the super conscious state
Here at its peak is the power of intuition
When we shut from our own individual'self' to its completion
And reach at the super-conscious state of realization
By acquiring inner richness by one pointed meditation

Imagination is the weapon traveling at breakneck speed
It can cut across any barriers which is a dire need
In shortest span of time ever known to anybody.




Memory is like a seed first storing information then remembering or recalling or recollecting or repeating a particular event when one has planted it in the conscious self once. It is just like depositing cash in our account and withdrawing the same while we require it. Here it would be relevant to understand what is conscious self. To be aware of conscious means aware of ourselves – in our action and appearance. It could be construed as being aware of one's existence

Memory is a unique phenomenon in all the living beings – including plants and animals. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose proved with experiments that plants could feel, learn and remember with distinct clarity. More recent incisive studies have made it abundantly clear that the plants can recall and store biological data! No surprise, since our Creator is never biased against any of his creations. Seems farfetched but it is true.

The faculty of memory is exclusive to humans because of the power of differentiation. Humans can relive and recall the event at any time they want and have the control to either forget or keep a thing at the back-burner of their memory if the same is not as per their liking or at a time when it is harmful to remember/recall.

The seed of memory germinates and becomes a healthy plant and gives us fruit every time we feel like to take! Our subconscious mind is active not only in the day time but also during sleep, such is the grace of our Creator. Its memory is really awesome.

To understand memory, it is necessary to understand the following:-

• Consciousness Mind. What we perceive presently is in our conscious mind. It is awareness at the present moment. Conscious mind is always on the move from one thought percept to another. The experiences of the conscious state or wakeful state becomes prominent in this state. It is never stable. In this state of movability, some thoughts are registered on the slate of the mind and others forgotten. Our conscious mind has limitations of its own. It is a state of mind by which we cannot communicate with our soul. The need is to discipline and control our conscious self so that it works in sync time and situation. For this to happen, we have to contemplate and introspect so that it works for our total awakening and could conveniently retain information which are required. Some outside and some inside mental functions too influence our awareness. For instance we are aware of the environment we are living and the conditions in which we are living. These images influence our present i.e. our conscious mind and thus our memory or lack of it.

• Sub-conscious State of mind. This state of mind is unique simply because it is mystical in nature and enmeshed with the past memories, beliefs, mood changes, attachments and various karmas that we transact or have transacted in the past and the affect of which we are experiencing. It gets total activation in sleep mode. In sub-conscious state our attitude just changes and are granted freedom from the limitations that our conscious self imposes on us.

• It is a paradox that we are not aware of the working of subconscious mind – power house of information. This could be conveniently used for achieving success, for its hidden strength. It could transform our life. By whole heartedly affirming to us that there is a partner who could be a means of our success. Think of this as memory recall. This is you are swimming or cycling without consciously thinking about it all. We can bring subconscious information with some recall/recollection without much difficulty.

• Thus becoming conscious of our subconscious and going beyond the idea that there is some abstract concept is important. Information from subconscious mind to the conscious mind could be brought about very easily.

• Conscious State/Super-conscious State of mind. It is the state when intuition is at its peak. It is a state of soul's power of knowing. This is a state of mind which is trained to foresee anything that may transpire. For this to happen, a spiritual seeker must centre his/her mind on our Creator and His commandments. For this we have to care for others rather than our own self. We can realize it through meditation and by going deeper in us. Human consciousness could be expanded to super consciousness when we shut to our 'self' and live for others through self-sacrifice and expand our inner being. Our love should be for all others. If it is impersonal it expands and with it expands our horizon. A man with cosmic consciousness just remembers everything that comes.

• In this state we feel super-conscious realization "I am infinite, I am a part of everything." A spiritual seeker should keep his mind and body centred in Him and not allow his thoughts wander.

• Imagination and memory. Imagination are the memories of 'mind-eye'. These are the images which are formed through sensation and are not perceived through our five senses. Imagination could help us in solving problems through imagining or image forming and then comparing with the real world. Or an event which just comes to mind without warning depending on the situation and time. Here sense of perception plays a prominent role. This could be called as constructed images by the perceptive mind and then made practical by our experiences. All these enhance our memory.

Paradoxes of Memory.

Forgetting things. Our conscious mind is confined – has limitations of its own. It is prone to pitfalls of forgetting due to one reason to another. Need is to train it for its retentively.

Forgetting and Forgiving Inappropriate Incidents. At times, we are constraint to forget an incident. For example, I am wronged by somebody and that memory remains, it will do an irreparable damage. It is not only for individual who forgets and forgives but also for those for whom the same is directed.

Deaths or Deception by our Dear Ones.Then there are incidences like death of our love ones or an incident which needs to be better forgotten for their ill-effects, it is better to forget those and keeping moving in our life.
Unconscious mind. Some of the primitive instinctual information perceived to be just forgotten just surfaces become subconscious and subsequently could be brought to our conscious mind with genuine effort put in by ourselves. As some remotely connected happening of the childhood is remembered as we are not having easy access to the information stored in the unconscious mind etc. For this to happen, some strong and important trigger is required for this purpose. These are the unconscious forces; beliefs, patterns etc. which drive our behaviours.

Divine Consciousness. Divine consciousness could be cultivated through persistent meditation. Then we would be able to lead a natural life which is in harmony with God. God's superior attention gives us the gift of remembering Him together with enhanced Advanced yogi can perceive all the happening of all beings by interior union with GOD. Our soul's intuitive power is the power given to us by our Lord. We are the prisoners of our own five senses. But a person who is God connected is having sixth sense – the power of soul realization by soul. Our awareness expands with the amount of concentration we put. That information which you did not inferential data about.

Intuition: Soul intuition is a faculty of God. We generally rely upon our senses for the information we require at any time. This exclusive power does not depend on the data of information that we cramp in our memory system. It could be called the preemptive. We start improving ourselves when we come to know our true self. That we are not mere this solid body but are the divine eternal current of life.

We should widen the scope of our mind by spiritually awakening it and then our life becomes separate. Our identification with our body stops.

How to Activate Your <b>Super Conscious Mind</b>! (Great Stuff!)

Posted: 15 Mar 2014 04:34 AM PDT

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How to Activate Your <b>Super Conscious Mind</b>! (Great Stuff <b>...</b>

Posted: 17 Mar 2014 03:28 PM PDT

via ▶ How to Activate Your Super Conscious Mind! (Great Stuff!) – YouTube.

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How to Activate Your <b>Super Conscious Mind</b>! (Great <b>...</b> - occupy the self

Posted: 26 Mar 2014 10:15 PM PDT

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