Self Awareness & Realization | The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Self Awareness & Realization | The <b>Power</b> Of Your <b>Subconscious Mind</b>

Self Awareness & Realization | The <b>Power</b> Of Your <b>Subconscious Mind</b>

Posted: 29 Feb 2008 11:59 PM PST

I have already talked a bit about the constant struggle of the human mind. Let me also share the vicious cycle of "have", "do", and "be". I want to "have" (the next big car, better house, better relationships, financial freedom) so I must "do" (work hard, sacrifice balance in life) and once I have all that I want, I will "be" (happy). This is a never ending cycle and a perpetually losing proposition. Those who are happy and feel fulfilled are not so because of what they possess but that they have made a choice to "be" that way. What we need to do is to reverse the pattern – choose to "be" happy and fulfilled first and that state will create the platform for us to "do" the meaningful work most appropriate for us and that in turn will make us "have" everything we need.While that may sound good, but how do we "be" in that state? For that, we need to look inwards – into ourselves and understand who we are. The ultimate truth is that everything in the universe is made from Energy. All beings – the plants, animals and all of us are manifestations of the same Energy. This Energy has been called different names by different societies – Reiki (Japanese), Chi (Chinese), Ight (Christians), and Prana (Hindus). Even science has begun to corroborate this thought process. Quantum field theory suggests that particles of matter are nothing but momentary interacting manifestations of an Energy field, which, intangible and insubstantial as it maybe, is the only real thing in the universe. Put another way, matter is not made of Energy; it is Energy. The same Energy just manifests itself in different forms.

In the human form, this presents tremendous opportunities and challenges – the most powerful opportunity is for humans to undertake the journey of self-realization and the greatest challenge is that of mastering the ever growing smarter brain. As humans continue to rely more and more on their minds for survival and growth, over millions of years of evolution, the prefrontal cortex (the thinking part of the brain) has actually grown in size and its abilities. In an odd way, that raises the potential risk to lead us away from the path of self-realization. The human mind grows up with the strong belief of a self and an individual identity and this sense of separation from the universe is the essential cause of the struggle in our entire lifetime. It makes us feel threatened, worried, anxious, fearful, doubtful as we struggle with the idea of needing to fend for ourselves in this challenging and "big bad" world. Somewhere losing the connection with the eternal source of all Energy and not realizing how it is helping us and will always be there for us to progress, create, build, have, and enjoy whatever we need to. This belief does not make us complacent or fatalistic in the faith of some bigger powers that will take care of us – instead, it makes us focus on what we need to do with the power of knowing that whatever happens, will happen for the best.

This Energy in its manifestation in the human form has all the intelligence it needs. How else does one explain that a single human cell measuring 1/1000 of an inch across contains instructions within its DNA that would fill 2,000 books of 300 pages each? The human brain has 10billion neurons, each with 10,000 dendrites for making different connections. Scientific studies using radio-isotope tracings convincingly show that 98% of ten trillion quadrillion (10 to the power of 28) atoms in a human body are replaced annually. Stomach lining recreates itself about every 5 days, skin is made anew every month, and the liver cells turn over every 6 weeks.

But do we let this universal life Energy flow freely through us and let it unfold the future for us? We are humans and "smart" – we want to control our destiny through our conditioned minds. This desire to control and its related emotions (anxiety, anger, jealousy, regrets) is what causes the disruption of the natural flow of the universal Energy through our bodies. Often, it also shows up in physical ailments – throat related (from the inability to freely communicate), heart related (from inability to freely give or receive love and compassion), lower back ache (from the insecurity of the future) and so on…

How do we embrace this Energy then? By letting our conditioned minds' thinking dissolve in favor of our subconscious mind – the part of us that can truly connect us to the source of this Energy. It is believed that even the most successful people probably use up to a maximum of 5% of their brain in their lifetime. How do we tap in to the balance 95%? The ancient wisdom suggests many ways to embark on that journey…but more on that later…


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The <b>Power</b> of Your <b>Subconscious Mind</b> | Sai Kit&#39;s humor and Comedy!

Posted: 23 Jul 2012 11:33 PM PDT

Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.

Subconsciousness… what is it really? For the sake of simplicity, let just say it's the super computer in your brain that takes care of everything you are too busy to consciously do. Actually, it's much more than that…

When you first learn to walk, you do so consciously. As you get used to it, you can walk while thinking about other things. You don't have to focus on the act of walking anymore. Your subconscious mind is doing it for you. Same for millions other things. It takes care of most of the daily routines, leaving only a few things for your conscious mind to worry about.

Our habits and inner wiring are constantly being developed and reinforced. Through practices and other means of external inputs, information is installed into the subconscious, and later it will resurface as we need it.

Our subconscious mind has other functions as well. One of its big function is to make our imagination comes true. For example, if you focus on a direction when you drive, you tend to drift toward that direction. If you focus on not to imagine a big yellow chicken, you will form that image in your mind right now ;) If it's your favorite food, soon you will form a powerful desire to eat it.

The subconscious also guard our belief. Most people make true of what they love, rather than to love what is true. How do they do it? By blocking out any evidence that contradict with their belief. We all have met someone who put words into our mouth, who accused us of saying something we didn't say, or ignored what we did say. In their reality, they are right, because their subconscious mind blocks out what they don't want to see and hear, but create something they want to see and hear.

If we control our subconscious mind, we control our long term behavior, emotional circuits, and habits. We can even increase our IQ, improve creativity, and other skills. As a tutor, I see the most kids are extremely smart, but they are conditioned to get stuck at the current grade. When you believe you are stupid, you will subconsciously seek ways to dump yourself down. I see it happens a lot.

If you believe you will fail at something, you will subconsciously produce actions that sabotage yourself. This process is so sophisticated that most people who are doing it to themselves don't notice it at all.

On the other hand, if you believe something is possible to achieve, your subconscious mind will nudge you toward people and resources that help your cause. It will constantly seek ways to enable you to achieve it. Again, the process is so subtle and sophisticated that you won't notice it most of the time.

If our subconscious is carelessly guarded, it will absorb information we don't want it to absorb. The power of suggestion is very strong, and everywhere we go, we are bombarded by messages that other people try to install into our minds. Our environment is collectively designed by many different interest groups to manipulate our consumption behaviors, our belief, our tax dollars, and the media we are exposed to is filled with embedded suggestions and commands.

Later in this post, I will talk about paranormal activities our minds can create.

How to Program Your Subconscious Mind

Don't force it. Many times, our conscious mind and subconscious minds are at war, because we want new habits fast and we want them now, but our old habits are developed through years of conditioning. It doesn't make sense if God designed conscious mind can simply override your God designed subconscious mind in a moment. The subconscious is designed to choose what it thinks would benefit you most of the time, and what is developed overtime seems to benefit you most.

What about willpower? The willpower cannot wipe out the programming of our subconscious. The subconscious mind always win.

There are probably thousands of mental techniques to help change the programming of our subconscious mind. As Christian, our daily meditation on the words of God, and other spiritual practices, can form powerful belief and imagery in our mind, and thus re-program our subconscious. Spiritual practices can create trance state and open our inner parts to God. For example, the subconscious mind is open to reprogramming if we are able to associate positive image and feeling with new behaviors and habits we try to develop in our mind, and associate bad image and feeling with old behaviors and habits we don't want any longer.

Perhaps this is why the Bible has a lot of imagery, stories, and poetry.

Sport psychologists help athletes to improve sport performance by guiding them to visualize their ideal performance. Visualization is proven to improve sport ability, and even muscle strength. Simply visualize yourself doing weight training can strengthen your muscle!

Powerful Examples of Our Subconscious Mind

The mind is so powerful that it can create almost anything that it conceives (as long as it's within our domain, as God entrusted the earth to men Genesis 1:28)

Example 1

Sometimes if we are too focused things can go wrong. Here is an excerpt from The Mothman Prophecies

There is an old house on a tree-lined street in New York's Greenwich Village which harbors a strange ghost. Hans Holzer and other ghost-chasers have included the house in their catalogs of haunted places. The phantom has been seen by several people in recent years. It is dressed hi, a long black cape and wears a wide-brimmed slouch hat pulled down over its eyes as it slinks from room to room. Self-styled parapsychologists have woven all kinds of fantasies around this apparition. Obviously a spy from the revolutionary war was caught and killed in the old house.

But wait. This ghost may not be a member of the restless dead at all. There were never any reports of hauntings there until about twenty years ago, after the house was vacated by a writer named Walter Gibson. He was, and is, an extraordinarily prolific author. For many years he churned out a full-length novel each month, and many of those novels were written in the house in Greenwich Village. All of them were centered around the spectacularly successful character Gibson created in the 1930s, that nemesis of evil known as The Shadow. If you have read any of The Shadow novels you know that he was fond of lurking in dark alleys dressed in a cape and broad-brimmed slouch hat.

Why would a Shadow-like apparition suddenly appear in an old house? Could it be some kind of residue from Walter Gibson's very powerful mind?

Example 2

In a Christian website, I found a testimony of a woman who used to have imaginary friends (who have their own minds and will). They turned out to be demons:

Example 3

In this video, mentalist Derren Brown demonstrated how he planted ideas into minds of two artists that they created logo he wanted them to create.

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