by Yamaya Cruz

third-eye_law-of-attraction_OMTimesDo you want to enter the gates to heaven? We have all seen the images of the pearly white gates that lead us to the heavens. We have all heard the myths about an angel weighing our souls, judging us based on passed life experiences and our future intentions. If we have been good, then we are able to enter the realm of heaven. If we are bad, then we are forced to burn in hell for all eternity. However, we very seldom see, or even learn about the angel who was blessed with so much power to judge us and to discern our fate. That angel is our highest self. And it can see the past, present, and future all at the same time. We can learn to have access to our higher self, by opening up our third eye, while using the power of intention.

The number three is commonly associated with the crossroads and gateways. These two things represent the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is our highest self that leads us by the hand and guides us into the heavens. This is the world of the invisible. This is the world of secrets. This is the world of infinite possibilities where we can create our reality, as opposed to being a victim of it. However, entering these worlds takes a great deal of knowledge and discipline. The gateways and crossroads represent our abilities to make the best possible choices. Bad choices may result in conflict and chaos. If you turn left at the crossroads, we may be using all of our intuition and not logic. If we turn right, we may be taking the path of least resistance. In all situations, we are going to have to be aware of our past, present, and futures circumstances in order to make appropriate decisions.

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